Our Great Clients

We’ve had the pleasure to work with many great people. Let’s introduce you to some of them:
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Concord Events – A Different Marketing Agency

Concord Events

Concord Events is building their business on great values like togetherness, happiness and making a difference for children through healthy events and experiences.

The website reflects these values and is made completely responsive using WordPress and a customized theme.

Visit concordevents.dk for more.

Baking with Love – Amazing cakes for your event


We helped Baking with Love create their online and offline identity. The website delivers the message that the cakes are amazing and special – “it’s not just cake”: The Baking with Love cakes will make a huge impression at your event and be remembered for a long time.

At the same time, we also worked to create a user-friendly and interesting website to captivate and enchant visitors and sell the experience and the cakes.

Visit bakingwithlove.dk or the blog mybakingdiary.com

Psykologer i Ringsted – Psychologists website

Psykologer i Ringsted - psyc.dk

The psyc.dk website was created for a group of psychologists working in a shared office space in a Danish city. The website focuses on presenting the people and their work and give information about possible options for psychological help.

The website was also optimized for search engines targeting an audience looking for a psychologist in and around the city.

Visit psyc.dk

Eye4U – Surveillance Equipment


Eye4U came to us with the goal of selling surveillance equipment via their website. We achieved this with a website sending a strong and clear message to visitors: Surveillance of your shop/company will make you (feel) safer.

We also promote the option of leasing the equipment. We’re happy to work with an ambitious company like Eye4U and this is a client that has kept coming back over the years.

Fairweb – Great webhosting


Fairweb stands out in the crowd of reasonably priced webhosting: They offer good, cheap solutions but also focus on stability and flexibility. We wanted their website to reflect the same values.

VVS Mesteren – Plumbing, bathroom and faucets

VVS Mesteren

We helped create a website that inspires and shows the posibilities and skill of this company. Design was contemporary and focused on engaging the potential customers.